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Documentary, 5 mins, UK 2017
Director / Camera

We follow 19-year old Samira in her last year as a teenager as she sculpts herself into the kind of woman she wants to be. From becoming the first female in history to join her uni’s all-male American football team, to getting the lead in Shakespeare’s Othello, Samira tests the limits of her bravery in this visual exploration of youth and womanhood.


Drama, 3 mins, UK, 2014
Director / Writer
Adriana searches for a connection in a lonely metropolis.

Festivals: Festival Delle Lettere, Milan, London Short Film Festival, Oregon Underground Film Festival



Doc, 52 mins, UK/South Africa, 2013
The townships in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa are blighted by a highly addictive heroin-based drug called ‘unga’ which is mixed with cleaning detergents, and Crystal Meth known locally as ‘tik’ which are slowly crippling this marginalised community. Lainey Richardson’s debut documentary follows 27 year old party girl addict Analese, and her 25 year old childhood friend Trevino, who is struggling to hold his family together, having lied about his heroin addiction until he was married. TIK & THE TURKEY is the human face of an abandoned community facing a drug abuse epidemic.

Festivals: East End Film Festival 2014 ( 'Best Soundtrack' Award Nomination), London Short Film Festival 2014


Music Promo, 4 mins, UK, 2013
Credit: Camera / Editor
Production: Old Man Diode & Rick Holland


Music Promo, 5 mins, UK, 2013
Credit: Camera / Editor
Production: Old Man Diode & Rick Holland




Drama, 4 mins, UK, 2012
Credit: Writer / Director / Editor
The rise and fall of a relationship is told through a string of voicemail messages left between two lovers.

Festivals: London Short Film Festival, Underwire Festival ('Best Editor' Award Nomination), The Inverness Film Festival, WhittyGordon Projects Short film showcase